The San Fernando Valley has probably been home to more celebrities from various fields than anywhere on Earth.


Of course, from the motion picture industry, but also from the literary field, science, technology, sports, music and business, to name a handful.

Do you recognize any of these people or characters?

Steve_Allen_bw Gene_Autry Lucille_Ball Bugs_Bunny

Don_Drysdale Clark_Gable Bob_Hope_Image Michael_Jackson

Marilyn_Monroe-2 Jack_Oakie Ayn_Rand Robert_Redford

Tom_Selleck Susan_Sontag Ritchie_Valenz John_Wayne

From L to R: Steve Allen, Gene Autry, Lucille Ball, Bugs Bunny, Don Drysdale, Clark Gable, Bob Hope, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Oakie, Ayn Rand, Robert Redford, Tom Selleck, Susan Sontag, Ritchie Valens, and John Wayne.

Quite a group of folks, huh? There are literally hundreds of additional celebrities that were born, attended school, lived, and worked in the San Fernando Valley.

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